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  • Access to our private Discord
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  • Access to our whole database of small group curriculum
    • Look back in time at our whole database of curriculum
    • Look forward in time to everything we have created so far
  • Access to our database of worship resources
    • Chord sheets in any key that connect with our small groups.

$10 /month

  • Quarterly zoom call for small group leaders
    • Ask questions on how and why we structure our small groups
    • Insight on topics for future curriculum
    • Hear tips and tricks from us and other small group leaders
    • Let us know what you’d like in the future
  • Small group leaders guide
    • Hear more from us on why we do small groups.
    • Some tips and tricks for running a successful small group.
    • An in-depth look at the elements of our small groups
  • Everything from earlier tiers

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  • Choice of a free SoulWorks shirt, hat, or tote
  • Everything from earlier tiers

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  • Additional choice of Soulworks blanket, sweatshirt, or thermos
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  • A kit for writing your life journey
  • Everything from earlier tiers

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